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Isaias here!

As a composer myself, I know how hard it is to stand out amongst the thousands of aspiring composers trying to break into the industry. Especially when you’ve just started out, or have just finished your college/university music program, you might not have a lot of resources at your disposal to hit the ground running. As an artist you simply want to hone your craft and just focus on the music… unfortunately, unless you have an agent working for you 24/7, you’ll have to be your own agent, accountant, manager, and then finally… a composer.

A typical web agency will charge a hefty amount for a brand new composer portfolio site, plus you would have to cover additional costs such as your domain name and web hosting, which could set you back a few thousand dollars. The idea behind our I&J Designs Composer Templates is that for a fraction of the cost you would get a solid landing page to feature your work and credits, and increase your odds of landing your next scoring gig!

Having worked on new websites for a number of established composers in the trailer, film, and video game industry, my business partner Jessica and I decided it would be a good idea to offer affordable, professional, and effective landing page templates to those aspiring composers who are just starting out or simply need an updated website but don’t necessarily have the web skills, time, or money.

So we welcome you to our humble little web design firm, and I invite to check our current starter templates, let us know if you’d like a new landing page of your own, and thanks for stopping by!

Isaias & Jessica

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